• What are the 11 Guiding Questions

    for Conscious Grant Writing?


    Before you sign up, I invite you to think of a specific grant you’d like to win. Or a specific amount of money. As you learn each principle, consider how it might apply to that particular grant. I believe that these eleven questions can make it more likely that you will get that grant (and do so without burning out).


    I created these questions to support you in thriving in life while grant writing. I believe that when we undertake grant writing from old fear-based paradigms such as separation, competition, and scarcity it constricts and depletes it. When we root ourselves in love, generosity, sufficiency, collaboration and wholeness as we do grant writing, the proposals are more beautiful and successful and we are left nourished by the process.


    Grantwriting doesn’t have to be stressful.

    When you sign up below, you’ll get instructions about logging into a free course. Each day, you'll find a daily reflection and a meditation on the guiding questions that you can use to reflect upon your work and how you can adjust it to be more deeply aligned with your life.