• Non-Profit Staff & Volunteers

    Do you need to win grant funding for a project you’re excited about but are daunted by the process and don’t want to get exhausted or burned out by it?

  • Last year we applied for 10 grants and we were awarded 9 of the 10!

    My main takeaway from the course is that grant writing doesn't have to be torturous - in fact it can be joyful.

    Erin Marteal, Director, Ithaca Children's Garden

  • The GrantWriter's Well

    An 8-week in-depth, high impact, online course in which you learn the art of writing effective grants while living a good life at the same time.


    You’ll write a full, and effective, draft proposal that puts your most beautiful vision for the world into action through your grant writing.

    The result is a more effective grant writing strategy and a fulfilled life.


    Begins January 9, 2019

  • This sales letter is quite long because I've really tried to answer all the questions that you may have. So, you might want to make yourself a cup of tea, sit in a comfy spot and take a little time to feel if its right for you. And if you're in the middle of a time crunch, you can click on the link below and then circle back around if it looks intriguing.

  • Dr. Lenore Strocchia-Rivera

    Since taking this course, I have helped secure more than $625,000 in grants!

    Before I attended your workshop, I used to ‘wing it’ when it came to writing grant applications. Now I know some strategies that have helped me organize my time better and, thankfully, keep my sanity. The best part of all: since taking this course, I have helped secure more than $625,000 in grants!

    Dr. Lenore Strocchia-Rivera

  • First, a little background

    My name is Jana Hexter. I’m the author of Grant Writing Revealed: 25 Experts Share Their Art, Science, and Secrets and since 1997, I’ve written 100’s of grants and raised over $60 million for a wide spectrum of nonprofit organizations.


    Over the years, I’ve worked with hundreds of non-profit staff and volunteers who found themselves often saying, "I don't know how to say this in a way that will make them fund it." Or "How on earth can I get a proposal submitted on time with everything else that I have to do?" Or "My grants never get funded" Or "I just don’t know grants language" even if they’d been in the field for years.


    They come to me with their funding dwindling. They'd be worried about budget cuts and they really needed to diversify their funding base. Or their boss asked them to start writing proposals but they were daunted because they’d heard others talking about how difficult it is.


    Or they’d already written a couple of small proposals that were either unsuccessful or it was such a horrendous process they don’t want to do it again. Or they were successful with small a grant or two but wanted to learn how to do it more efficiently.


    Sometimes, they are looking for a new job and know that grant writing skills are resume booster. Or, they're great at their job but less comfortable writing grant proposals but know they need to do it as part of the job.


    They come to me because while they love their work and are deeply committed to it, they are tired. They long for a better way to raise money to keep it all afloat.


    And some people are dedicated to building a non-profit and yet don’t know how the grant systems work. Or, they see other organizations getting grants and want to know how they do it or are worried that money is passing them by.


    And so, between 2009-13 I carefully developed a course to help grantseekers be more effective in their jobs: to get more money for their organizations with less work.


    Let me start by saying that there’s a part of me that really wishes this course didn’t exist.


    In my ideal world, good-hearted hard-working people wouldn’t have to spend hours writing grant proposals to compete for limited money from the government and foundations for programs that provide basic, food, shelter, education and art to people who need them or to protect the planet from wanton destruction and depletion of its resources by corporations. I believe that we’ve been freely gifted a bountiful world for us to enjoy and there must be a kinder and gentler ways for us to distribute the bounty so that everyone thrives. But, for now, the world is what it is and the best that I can do with my time and talents is to empower you and other generous, caring people to create the infrastructure for a more beautiful world.


    Given that my ideal world isn’t here - yet - I created this course for a few reasons.


    First, I kept seeing good people in the nonprofit field stress out and burn out – and I’ve been challenged by it myself. I would see someone in one of my grant writing lectures and then a few years later they wouldn’t be in the field anymore. It seemed like a sad waste of human passion and energy that we so desperately need right now to make our world a better place for everyone, not just some.


    Second, I love grant writing and have done it very successfully for a couple of decades and I’m at the stage in my career where I want to pass along the mastery that I’ve developed with others so that you can use it to make a difference on fundamental issues like economic and social justice, global peace, the arts, environmental protection and climate change.


    And third, I’ve been exploring spirituality and our intuitive capacity for many years and wanted to integrate both sides of my life. Grantwriting involves our two biggest stressors - time and money - add in grades and facing failure and its a powder keg of modern day stress - and to top it all off most people do it on top of their real job. People are often left depleted and thirsty for connection with themselves and their families after writing a grant proposal. What if I could create a really good course that was even more effective at teaching people grant writing skills and helped people deal with the stress of the grants arena so they are left feeling nourished and full?

  • I have been successful in securing 18 grants, helping to make up for critical funding losses in our program.

    I took the GrantsChampion workshop several years ago and it was my first formal introduction to grants. Since then, I have been successful in securing 18 grants, helping to make up for critical funding losses in our program. Without learning how to write these grants, and gaining the confidence to pursue them, the program might not be here today.


    The workshop was relaxed, fun, social, and focused on real grants we were pursuing. It was a very honest workshop. I discovered that grant-writing can be like a puzzle with many pieces we already have. We just need to find the right way of connecting those pieces so they make up the whole picture.

    Suzie Brache



  • Issues with most grant writing courses

    I carefully designed this eight week, online course (we have a 90 minute call every week) to meet your needs because I saw that the most of the grantwriting courses on offer weren’t as effective as I thought they could be for four reasons:


    Too Much Time At Once

    It’s really, really tough for people to take 2-5 days off work plus travel time and costs. This course is spread out and can be done from work or home.


    People Forget

    It’s easy to forget what you’ve learned in overview courses 6 months down the road when you need to put it into action

    This course is designed to boost retention of the materials AND you’ll have long-term access so you can refer back to the materials when you are in the midst of writing.


    < Theory

    > Application

    It’s far less than ideal to learn something in theory without putting into practice or to try and write a proposal draft during a week-long course because you don’t have time to do the necessary research and collaboration building – you end up with a draft of draft.

    In this course you will build a draft over 8 weeks and there will be plenty of time for feedback on your drafts


    Few People Complete Them

    We now know that asynchronous online learning courses have a non-completion rate in the 90th percentile because they rely on the student to keep themselves on track despite competing demands and there is little accountability and camaraderie - I have addressed all of these issues in this course design.

  • There is something very special about this course

    Not everyone who is an expert in their field is willing to share their knowledge and expertise. Moreover, even fewer experts have the gift of being an excellent teacher. Or, are able to encapsulate and crystallize all they have learned, and present their accumulated knowledge in a course of easily digestible lessons. Jana does that in her series of short videos, her comprehensive course manual, and in her LIVE weekly Question & Answer sessions. Those weekly Q&As not only give you direct access to Jana and your cohort for discussion of the grant writing process, but you also have a chance to learn from your classmates as they share their own experiences. The Grant Writer's Well will inspire you, expand your 'skill set' in proposal writing, and provide a rock solid grant writing methodology for creating any proposal, and getting that grant.

    Steven Carlson, CA

  • Why I'm offering this now

    The Story of How This Course Came To Be

    So, I developed and refined this course between 2009-13 and people got great results as you’ll see from the testimonials. But I had kids and didn’t want to travel a lot and online courses were in their infancy and it was just a little bit ahead of its time. So, I took a break from teaching and, in the meantime, I’ve been developing The Jana Channel, a business provides intuitive insights for people approaching a crossroads in life, and deepened my connection with the sacred while still doing grant writing and keeping my skills fresh.


    In the summer of 2017, I walked (and biked when my shins gave out) 500 miles across Spain with my daughter along the Camino de Santiago.

    Walking the Camino was the closest thing that I have experienced to the world that I’ve been working to create my whole life. On the Camino, there are people from all over the world who walk, talk, and eat together and just get along. There’s the semblance of a gift culture (you may know, I gave my book on a gift basis to promote gift culture). There’s awareness and genuine gratitude for the people who have gone before you who have left food and belongings in their wake, and a sense of wanting to care for those who come after you.And a few simple belongings carried on my back were sufficient. I got to spend 7+ hours a day in nature which was truly and deeply nourishing. And there are a whole host of volunteers in hostels who find fulfillment in supporting and caring for the pilgrims at the end of the day.


    On the Camino, I touched a sense of the generous, simple, and gentle world that my heart has always yearned for and I return with my heart broken open. I felt grief and sadness that it’s a dream not fully realized more widely in the world, AND, I know that it IS possible – even when so much looks to be going in the wrong direction.

    When I got home, I realized that it was time to take the course that I’d taught locally and get it out in an online format to you so that you can use the skills to create a world that works for everyone and in which all life is honored as sacred.


    I have worked for decades through my grantwriting to support visionary people in realizing their dreams for our collective future. So, I’d love the honor of sharing with you what I’ve learned and and instead of doing it in a fast-paced, high-pressure and fear-driven environment we’ll be in action with spaciousness, graciousness and love present.

  • Dr. Lenore Strocchia-Rivera

    My proposals are now clear, focused, direct, and heart-felt

    I came into this class with some grant writing experience but wanting a better success rate. The class broke down the funder/grantee hierarchy and empowered me to feel like a funder’s peer. I am now explicit in the use of statistics and story and am explicit in what the proposal means to and for funders. My proposals are now clear, focused, direct, and heart-felt. Jana breaks down barriers between people and forms safe connections and mentoring relationships. As a result of the class I have more ability to work with others and seek help when needed.

    Emma Frisch

  • The Grantwriter's Well Online Course

    In a nutshell, you’ll get

    8 online modules

    thoughtfully designed to teach you the art and science of grantwriting

    8 90-minute coaching calls

    to answer your questions and provide guidance as you go through the materials (7pm EST Tuesday January 15, 22, 29, February 5, 12, 19, 26, March 12th)

    write a full draft proposal

    with my ongoing feedback

    2 hour peer-review session

    where we give constructive feedback on the drafts - this is invaluable to get a compassionate outsider’s perspective

    (7pm EST, Tuesday April 2nd)

    long-term access

    you’ll be able to access these materials whenever you want to for as long as I offer the course

    a private facebook community

    to rest into as you learn

  • My take on what you really need to win grant funding and not get exhausted by the process

    7 reasons that grantwriting is stressful and takes a toll on you

    Grantwriting is stressful for most of us because its almost a perfect storm of our culture's biggest stressors such as:

    1. time crunches and hard deadlines

    2. money - and often in quantities that result in possibly laying off your team or not providing services.

    3. win-lose competition

    4. having your work scored/graded

    5. facing possible rejection and defeat

    6. most often it’s done on top of full-time jobs and so you’re writing in your ‘spare’ time

    7. no certainty that your hardwork will pay off

    Really, the only thing worse would be if funders asked you to declare your weight and a photo of you in a swimsuit :)


    But, I believe that by using The Grantwriter's Well approach to grant writing, you can

    • be more successful in winning grants for your organization

    • create a more beautiful world for future generations

    • live life with more joy, ease, and fulfillment and enjoy the grant writing journey

    Part 1: Writing a proposal is like building a house - first, you need the solid basic structures.

    Despite what most people say, preparing proposals that win is not that complicated. If you can write a college essay, you can write a grant proposal.


    As I outline in my book, Grant Writing Revealed: 25 Experts Share Their Art, Science, and Secrets, building a grant proposal is like building a house where you need a good foundation, plumbing, electrical ducts, a roof etc.


    Miss any one of these and your grant won’t have a solid structure in which the art, magic, and beauty can shine through. Just as it won’t matter when your roof is leaking and you’re standing in an inch of water if the sun shines through a stained glass window to beautify your home.


    So, at The Grantwriter's Well you’ll learn the fundamentals, the tricks of the trade, and key terminology including:

    • a clear picture of how the grant funding system works

    • how to research foundations and what data you need to make a solid case for funding

    • getting a solid understanding of where your organization stands and what you have to offer the community you serve

    • receiving guidance on how to present what you have to offer in a way that funders respond with a “YES”

    • how to write clearly and tell a good story

    • how to put together a solid budget

    If you’ve looked at or taken any grant writing courses before, you’ll notice that most of this content is familiar.


    This is where most grant writing trainings stop.


    I cover this content and also something that is just as critical...how you do it - which I describe below.


  • Dr. Lenore Strocchia-Rivera

    I’m left with more energy .. and feel more confident about bringing the creative soul into the whole process.

    I’ve longed for a way to better manage the complexities of the grant development process. Jana is gifted at calming weary bodies, minds, and hearts, and affirms our bone deep longings for our work and our world. This workshop is practical, empowering, and visionary. I’m left with more energy for the work and the art of grant development and feel more confident about bringing the creative soul into the whole process. With this workshop you’ll discover how your passion and your expertise can be a compelling story for funders.

    Nancy Potter

  • Once you have those basics, here’s what you need to be successful, effective and sustainable as a grant writer

    Part 2: Just like building a house, you can create a soul-less cookie cutter version - or something that radiates and moves people's hearts and souls. I believe that to succeed in creating a beautiful grant proposal (and world) its critical that we create an empowering context for ourselves to do the work. That means embracing beliefs that serve us, and disarming those that don't, and truly caring for ourselves throughout the process - otherwise we just get drained while trying to do our best for the world. Here are the skills that you'll develop at The Grantwriter's Well.

    1. Understand how to invest your most precious resource - your time.

    You can write much more efficiently when you know where and when to invest your time in grant seeking. Knowing what not to bother with is as powerful as knowing what to do.

    2. The courage to tell the funders what you know - no holds barred

    My guess is that you’re smart and know darned well what the root causes of the problems are in your community. Guess what? The funders don’t always and they rely on you to tell the truth and design projects that get at the core. Too often people come to my classes thinking that they have to tell funders what they think they want to hear to get funded. You don’t. You just have to trust your experience and do what you know needs to be done and say what needs to be said. The Grantwriter’s Well will support you in reframing your view of the funding system so you see how you hold a seat of power at the table.

    3. Confidence in the face of rejection

    Rejection stinks and we’ve all got baggage from it from school, love, and a myriad other places. Fear of rejection is an insidious thing hanging out in the shadows of grantwriting that often holds us back. We’ll bring it to the fore, resolve it and give you the freedom to move forward. We’ll give you the confidence to talk to people about your project in a way that leaves people inspired.

    4. Clear & powerful intention

    Intention is incredibly powerful and way under-valued in our culture. We are taught that if we do x, y, and z we will achieve Q result. However, how many times have you done x,y, and z and not gotten Q? Pretty often, I bet. What makes a huge difference is the the intention that we bring to a project or our writing. We’ll delve into tapping into and using the power of intention to propel our projects.

    5. Living from context of sufficiency

    We live in a fear-based culture that constantly reinforces that there is not enough and we are not enough. It is so ubiquitous that we are almost oblivious to it. It can be paralyzing in grantwriting and have us take entirely the wrong approach to making our case for funding. The Grantwriter’s Well reminds you to step out of fear and contraction and rest into a deep sense of sufficiency, possibility, and expansion. It so very much easier to work from there. Gratitude is one doorway to sufficiency and we’ll explore others.

    6. Community

    Grants that win and lead to successful projects are never written and developed by one person. I can tell you from experience, that while one person can write a grant that wins in isolation, it is usually a disaster once it is implemented. At the Grantwriter's Well, you'll understand the power of working with a team in grant development - and also have the wisdom to know when to work alone.  

    6. Deep Alignment with the Eternal

    We’ll delve into aligning your community’s needs and your soul’s deepest yearnings for truth, beauty and goodness to create a truly outstanding and enduring project. Our times are calling us to develop a deep alignment of being so that our bodies are healthy and well-balanced, our actions are aligned with our heart’s deepest yearnings and soul’s quiet whispers, and actions are an expression of universal truth as it wants to be expressed through us into the world. At the Grantwriter's Well, you'll come to know yourself as a vessel for something sacred and beautiful being birthed in the world. Working from this place leaves you with a sense of power, depth and grace that shines through in your writing.

  • This workshop expands the meaning of grant writing far beyond the everyday, touching on the sacred and what it means to be human.

    I used to think that of grant proposals as nothing more than dollars and needs. This workshop lifts grant writing from the mundane. I learned a lot about the structure of grant proposals but even more about how important it is to imbue your proposal with spirit and passion. This workshop expands the meaning of grant writing far beyond the everyday, touching on the sacred and what it means to be human. I appreciated the creative projects and exercises that were edge experiences, making for much more dynamic learning.

    Satomi Hill

  • What's in the course?

    The course is an in-depth 40 hour core curriculum that is delivered in 8 modules over 8 weeks. Each week you’ll be given access to the materials that will include core videos and exercises, plus additional handouts, guided meditations, and more.


    During the 8-week course you will draft a grant proposal and review it with your peers. Many people find that the peer review process and mutual support is the most helpful element of the course. The course is delivered in a way to nourish and support you personally as you tackle this new task.


    The focus will always be on writing a proposal that truly reflects your organization’s strengths and deepest commitments. It will give you precise tools for dissolving your fearful and/or erroneous stories about grant writing and what it takes to win - such as you have to know someone to get a grant. We will also help you develop approaches that are nurturing and leave you with a sense of confidence and trust in your own abilities. You can expect to work in teams to draft a proposal during the course and there will be plenty of time for Q&A and on-the-spot coaching.This is what we'll cover each week.



    Preparing to Win

    Making sure that your organization is grant ready and being clear about your organizational needs is the first step to success.


    Planning Your Project

    You can jump right in and write a proposal without careful planning but it won’t get funded. We take time to look at what makes your organization unique and where it is headed so that you only propose projects that are a perfect fit for your agency.


    Researching Funders

    You can develop a great idea and write it with the skill of Hemingway but if you send it to the wrong funder, it will lose. In this class, we’ll see that foundations aren’t that mysterious if you know how to research them. I’ll show you how to find funders who are interested in your project.


    Building Relationships

    The adage “People give money to people not programs” is a truism in the grant writing world. It not sufficient to just ‘write’ a proposal and send it out to an anonymous funder. The best investment you can make is to spend time building relationships. We’ll explain why and how to do it in this class.


    Telling Your Story

    Successful grant writing balances story and fact. In this class you'll learn how to convey the story of your project or organization in a compelling way. We’ll also cover what you need to know about designing your project so that you won’t regret the day that you won the grant because it’s a bear to implement.



    Writing Your Proposal I

    After all the preparation, we’ll get down to the nitty-gritty of writing a proposal that you can be proud of. We’ll carefully go through each of the proposal components and what you need to say- and not say- in each of them. Includes Introduction, Needs, Goals & Objectives.


    Writing Your Proposal II

    This is where you take all your preparation in weeks 1-5 and put it into action. Includes: Methods, Evaluation, Budget, Dissemination, Sustainability.



    Participants tell me that this is the most valuable part of the course. You will share your draft with your peers and receive their honest feedback from their perspective about what works and what doesn’t BEFORE you send it out.

  • Our first grant proposal was not only approved but recognized by the funders as being well-written.

    We would not have been able to do it without Jana’s coaching. I would recommend her training to anybody who is interested in getting a good grasp of the art of grant writing. It involves much more than the process of accurately writing a proposal, it’s essentially defining a vision and using the necessary tools to make it happen!

    Dr. Marie Constant

  • Learning Outcomes

    or...what you'll be able to do after the workshop

    Nuts and Bolts

    1. Develop an understanding of the private grantmaking process.
    2. Know where to look for private and public grant opportunities.
    3. Complete an assessment of your agency’s readiness for grant funding.
    4. The ability to assess whether a prospect is worth pursuing by reading 990 PFs and RFPs.
    5. Capacity to search for public grant opportunities and the Foundation Center database to identify prospective foundations.
    6. Capacity to assess the prospect pool and begin to discern top priorities.
    7. Learn first-hand about the qualities of outstanding proposals – the tricks of the trade.
    8. Have a proposal draft that you’re excited about and is a reflection of your organization’s mission and vision for the future.

    Deeper Work

    1. Create a powerful intention by clearly identifying your agency’s funding priorities.

    2. Capacity to create a context of sufficiency and gratitude in which to do grant research.

    3. An understanding of the importance of creating positive relationships with funders.

    4. A sense of ease about contacting program officers about potential projects.

    5. The capacity to see the grant seeking process within an empowering context that is gives you the courage to write and submit. .

    6. Have the capacity to tell your project or organization’s story from and to the heart, with integrity.

    7. Feel more creativity and ease in writing proposals.

    8. You won't find yourself saying, "I don't know how to say this in a way that will make them fund it." Or "How on earth can I get a proposal submitted on time with everything else that I have to do?" Or "My grants never get funded" Or "I just don’t know grants language."

    9. Know what grant writing is really about at its core.

    10. Clearly understand the link between planning and success.

    11. Know how to write the seven elements of a proposal.

    12. Feel nourished by the grant writing process and feel empowered to fulfill on your vision for the world.

    Time Commitment

    To get full the benefit, you should plan on spending 4-5 hours per week on the materials and doing assignments. You need to set aside at least 16 hours to work on your draft proposal during sessions 6 & 7 (Friday 9 February through the end of the month).

    Long-Term Access

    The problem with most grant trainings is that you take the class and then months later when you come to write a proposal you find you've forgotten a lot of what you've learned or the online courses are available for a limited period.


    I've solved this problem by giving you long-term access to all the class materials and recordings for as long as you want them. You'll be able to go back and listen to the recording and review the worksheets as often as you like. You'll have long-term access (as long as I offer the class and I don't plan to stop anytime soon) to this material so that you can dip into it whenever you want a refresher.

    Peer Support

    You'll be invited to join a closed Facebook group of all Grantwriter’s Well participants. I'll be actively involved in the group and answer any questions that come up for you.

    Grantwriting Group Coaching Sessions

    Each week, you’ll get a 90-minute live Q&A call in which you can ask me any questions that have come up for you as you’ve been working through the materials. Did you ever take a class and then try to put what you learned into action and hit a snag or run into something they didn't cover in class and then feel stumped? Me too, that's why I'm including this component. I'm a skilled coach and absolutely love sharing what I know about the field through these coaching sessions.

    Overall this is an in-depth, interactive holistic experience designed to be solid yet light, focused and expansive, logical and creative, energizing and calming, powerful and grounding and full of air – a nice balance.

  • Dr. Lenore Strocchia-Rivera

    I learned to tell my 'story' in a compelling way

    Most workshops are about doing this and not doing that but this workshop was heart-centered and Jana took a lot of care to address individual questions and concerns to ensure that everyone had a clear understanding of the grant writing process. I learned to view my organization through the lens of potential funders and how to tell my ‘story’ in a compelling way. This is the best training you can take if you want to get to the ‘heart’ of successful grant writing.

    Dee Gamble

  • This course is for you if

    • You have great ideas and are committed to getting them funded and just need some support and guidance
    • You are ABLE and WILLING to spend 5+ hours a week for 8 weeks putting what you have learned into action
    • You’ve been procrastinating and second-guessing yourself about writing grant proposals for far too long and are ready to take action
    • You are capable of (kind) self-discipline because you’ll need to sit yourself down and get the work done.
    • You are determined to create positive social, environmental and economic change in the world and know that you can do it with the right support
    • You’re comfortable with and enjoy meditations, yoga, connecting in sacred space and talking about our inherent oneness. You’re the kind of person who heads off on retreat every once is in a while – or would like to.
    • You’ll need to be on facebook and comfortable with computers That they will have to cut services or lay off employees and cut services
    • You're drawn to spirituality and believe that we all have a deep reservoir of eternal wisdom inside of us
  • Dr. Lenore Strocchia-Rivera

    If you’re thinking of taking the class, just do it and be prepared to do some work. My time and money were well-spent.

    I came into this class feeling intimidated by the grant development process. Jana communicates with humor and creates a calm space in which to focus. The exercises were really helpful and useful and I learned the importance of people and their stories in grant development. I left the class with a big picture of the grants process and feel much more confident. If you’re thinking of taking the class, just do it and be prepared to do some work. My time and money were well-spent.

    Elizabeth Wolff


  • Who this course is NOT for

    • You have years of grantwriting success under your belt (I have other programs that might be better suited to you).
    • You don’t have 5 hours a week to put into the course – and 16 hours during weeks 6 & 7
    • You need to write an academic research proposal i.e. such as NSF/NIH. These are more complex and have a different structure than most foundation and simple government grants. 
    • I’m a progressive liberal inspired by radical reimagining of our world as place that supports EVERYONE - if you’re offended by that then this isn’t the course for you
    • If you don’t have an organization that you are working with or a project in mind, you’ll struggle to get the most out of this course
    • You're looking for grants/loans for college or starting a small for-profit business 
    • You don’t have internet access, facebook etc.
    • You can’t be on any of 90-minute live calls (mostly at 7pm EST on Thursdays)
    • You hold fundamental religious beliefs that don't allow you to expand into new experiences and ideas
    • You’re not strong at self-motivation and self-discipline since you will need those to keep yourself on track to do the coursework between live sessions. Like anything in life – you’ll get what you put into this course.
  • Taking this workshop has made me more comfortable and skilled

    This in-depth and interactive workshop gave me the support to go for an RFP that I would otherwise have let pass by. I like that the class emphasized the importance of taking all the necessary steps and on teamwork to fill in and strengthen gaps. Taking this workshop has made me more comfortable and skilled with aspects of the grant writing process where I was weakest, such as building relationships with funders.

    This workshop, designed by a grants professional, will provide you with valuable new skills and the opportunity to draft a proposal during the class and receive support and feedback from your peers.

    Sharon Anderson


  • What the course will be like for you

    Before the course starts there will be some pre-preparation work, such as introducing yourself to the group, and finding a buddy if you don’t already have one etc.


    On Friday evenings you will receive an email with a to a link with the week’s course materials. You’ll have the week to go through them and do the exercises – in some cases with a buddy. All the information is broken into digestible chunks so you won’t get overwhelmed. You might choose do to do an hour a day or set aside and afternoon each week.


    The following Thursday at 7:00pm EST we’ll have a live Q&A session via zoom and I’ll go through the materials and answer any questions that have come up for you. If you have questions in the interim you can post them on the facebook page.


    The Q&A calls will be at

    Course Starts: Materials released on January 9th

    Week 1: 7pm EST on Tuesday January 15th

    Week 2: 7pm EST on Tuesday January 22nd

    Week 3: 7pm EST on Tuesday January 29th

    Week 4: 7pm EST on Tuesday February 5th

    Week 5: 7pm EST on Tuesday February 12th

    Week 6: 7pm EST on Tuesday February 19th

    Week 7: 7pm EST on Tuesday February 26th

    Week 8: 7pm EST on Tuesday March 2nd

    Peer Review Session: 7pm EST on April 2nd


    For the weeks starting February13th and 20th, you’ll take all that you’ve learned and compile a draft – you’ll need at least 8-10 hours each week to do that. I know that’s a lot of time for most non-profit folks but you know that you get out of anything what you put into it.


    Once your draft is complete, we’ll share them with each other via googledocs and everyone will read each other’s draft and make constructive comments. During the final session, we’ll take 10-15 minutes to offer feedback to each person on their draft.


  • Dr. Lenore Strocchia-Rivera

    The course materials and resources provided have been particularly helpful, even several months after the workshop

    From the introduction on day one, I felt confident in Jana Hexter's command of the subject and knew I would learn a great deal from her grant-writing workshop. It provided the opportunity for me to review the grant-writing process, look closely at each step, and consider different approaches to grant-writing depending on the source of funding. Jana taught about the finer details of grant-writing from both the writer's and grant reviewer's perspectives. The course materials and resources provided have been particularly helpful, even several months after the workshop. I would recommend this course to beginning grant-writers, as well as to experienced grant-writers who want to sharpen their skills.

    Jackie Mouillesseaux-Grube


  • The Cost & Guarantee

    I am offering a sliding scale: Please choose the category that has integrity for you.


    Non-profits with revenue < $300k/year and individual students = $850

    Non-profits with revenue < $1M/year and individuals = $950

    Non-profits with revenue > $1M = $1095






    THREE INSTALLMENT OPTION (this costs 2% more because the credit card processing company charges an additional fee)




    The deadline for course registration is midnight on January 10th.


    I’m also offering a bonus of a 45-minute one-to-one coaching session for everyone who signs up for this offer by midnight on November 1st. You can use this at any time – during the course or months afterwards when you need advice on moving your project forward or in another direction. I don’t offer this an option very often and when I do, I charge $300 an hour so this is a really nice bonus to receive.


    I know you may still not be sure about this, especially if you haven’t worked with me before. And I understand that it’s an investment of both your time, money and life force to take this course - and the potential downside is that you’ll put time into this and it won’t be a fit for you.


    I’d like to take the risk off of you and onto myself. If you sign up for the course, do all of the exercises, and attend 90% of the live calls and are not completely satisfied, just let me know and I’ll refund your fee and make a $100 donation to your non-profit (or one of your choosing) in addition.


    To say that another way: you are guaranteed to raise at least $100 from this program.

    You might not be ready for this course yet

    and if that’s the case, these other offerings might be of interest to you

    1. Ask me anything sessions – which is 1 hour of 1:1 coaching with me

    2. My book, Grant Writing Revealed: 25 Experts Share the Art, Science, & Secrets. This is based on interviews with top grantwriters and is available on a gift basis on my site or you can purchase a hard copy through Amazon.

  • The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams

    Eleanor Roosevelt



    There is a voice in us all that is ever present, a voice that always sings its melody to the world. This is a voice of truth and certainty, the voice that lays bare the hidden mysteries of the soul.
    ~ Jonathan Star

  • FAQ

    How much time will it take?

    The course will require 3-6 hours per week plus 8-10 hours in weeks 6 & 7. I understand this is a huge time commitment for most people - but I guarantee you that I’ll do my absolute best to make it worth your time and give you the skills that you’ll be able to use for years to come.

    It sounds great but I don’t have the money.

    I understand that non-profit budgets are always tight. So, I'm offering this course with an installment option in which you pay over 3 months.


    And, I also have a LOT of free resources on my main grant writing page www.grantschampion.com and my book is offered on a gift basis at www.grantwritingrevealed.com.


    I don’t have project to work on – will this be useful?

    Not really, if you don’t know a program or project very well.


    If it’s online, how much interaction do I get with you?

    • I’ve designed and all the course materials and videos etc are imbibed it with the best of my experience.

    • We’ll also have a live 90 minute call each week where we can talk through what you’re working on and get feedback from me and your peers.

    Do you offer CFRE credits?

    Not at this time.


    You talk about the sacred - is this religious?

    No, it’s not. I do not adhere to any religion and respect all of them that empower people to be be more loving. I believe that we all share a common root that is loving, expansive and peaceful - what all religions point to. The course includes some non-denominational meditations intended to bring us present to this sense of the sacred. I’ve found that most people find them relaxing, grounding and peaceful - and religious fundamentalists don’t like it.


  • A bit more about me

    I know that it's important for me to know a bit more about who's running any program I sign up for

    so here's my bio....

    Jana Hexter

    Jana Jane Hexter is the author of Grant Writing Revealed: 25 Experts Share Their Art, Science, and Secrets which is based on interviews with experts who have collectively raised $1.7 billion and written 24,000 proposals with 400 years of experience.


    Jana is owner of Grants Champion has helped hundreds of people raise millions of dollars for programs that make a difference. She has written well over 150 successful proposals and raised over $60 million for her grant writing clients — school districts, higher education institutions, and human service agencies throughout the U.S..


    She is also a gifted intuitive and medium offering access to eternal wisdom through The Jana Channel.


    Jana is a captivating teacher. She co-taught one of the Chronicle of Philanthropy’s all-time most highly subscribed webinars. She also taught grant writing at New York University’s George H. Heyman Jr. Center for Philanthropy and Fundraising. She has spoken at the Grant Professionals Association (GPA) and Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) National Conferences. Her “Presentation on Presentation” at the National GPA conference was given the highest ranking by conference attendees.


    She served on the National Board of the GPA and is a former chapter board member of the AFP Finger Lakes. Jana also served as a Subject Matter Expert for the Grant Professionals Certification Institute (GPCI) to develop the Grant Professionals Certificate exam. In addition, she has served on peer review panels for New York State and the United States Department of Education.

    She was born and raised in Nottingham, England. After moving to the United States, she earned her BA cum Laude in Government/Slavic and East European Studies from Cornell University and conducted research in Eastern Europe as a Ford Foundation Clusters Scholar. She lives in Ithaca, NY and when not in front of a computer can most often be found in the woods, on the dance floor, or coming down a ski slope.


  • P.S.


    My goal is that you end up feeling really confident about what you're doing and nourished at the same time. You bring your natural talents, passion, commitment and willingness to learn.


    I recently talked with a friend in her 60’s and she lamented that the battles she had thought had been won for justice, tolerance, and the environment needed to be re-addressed and she was worried because she and her generation don’t have the energy. She’s concerned that the younger generations don’t have the will because they don’t have a living memory of what they’re losing.


    I know that there are lots of energetic people out there who are passionate about standing for beauty, love, and tolerance in the in the world. I really want to give YOU the skills that you need to win grant funding for the agencies and programs that are going to need it over the coming years.


    I'll share my knowledge, experience, and commitment to your success in grant writing and together we’ll bring your work up to the next level of effectiveness and stand strong for the environment, children, the arts, justice, global peace, and those who struggle every day in the current global world order.